Eliminate Typos
& Data Entry

Let EZ Job Filler to automatically parse those VMS notification and enter those into your system.

Keep your data
up to date

EZ Job Filler will process Job notifications from VMS as they come, updating your system with the up to the minute information.

Lost Business

Do not miss an opportunity just because it isn't in your system. Don't work on the closed opportunities.

Do productive

Whatever you do, everyone could use a little less data entry and a little more deal closing. Discover the power of our low-cost solution.

Make it easy to handle multiple VMSs. Eliminate jumping between the systems,
eliminate data entry. 
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Blue Sky

Customizable Staffing Software With Your Agency or Facility in Mind.

AYA Healthcare

AYAConnect MSP.


We offer great solution for your business: Affordable Business Process Automation.
Integrate data workflow with electronic document signing.


Business Process Automation.


EZ Job Filler has been am amazing tool for uploading current positions and filtering out old positions in a timely manner. It has provided Voyage Solutions the ability to provide up to date job orders to match against our current caregivers in our system. This has created the ability for Voyage Solutions to grow above and beyond our goals. The technology of the system and the hands on customer service from Dmitry is absolutely one of the best I have seen. There is never a call not taken or an e-mail not answered. They provide a unique system that is tailored to each individual company. I would refer EZ Job Filler to anyone!

Gregory Hewett(President), Voyage Solutions, Inc

I love the product. I think it's an asset to any staffing organization.

Tate Bailey, Axis Providers, Inc

Before, we were able to manually enter in approximately 100 new needs per day, per person. Then we began to utilize ezjobfiller. This allowed us to cut out about 65% of the manual work needed to enter orders. Since then our data output has more than doubled. I alone have managed to enter over 300 new needs in a day. This product has greatly helped us keep up with the growing demands of our field.

Cody Linxwiller, Medical Staffing Solutions

Email: support@sdasystem.com
Phone: +1 (502) 435 1220